Safeguard B

Transparent and effective national forest governance structures, taking into account national legislation and sovereignty


Safeguard B, in the context of Viet Nam, means that the agencies responsible for developing and implementing the National REDD+ Programme (NRAP) and Provincial REDD+ Action Plans (PRAPs) must provide information regarding the proposed REDD+ policies and measures through active dissemination during both development and implementation, and upon request, in line with the requirements of relevant policies, laws and regulations. The accountability measures enshrined in the relevant policies, laws and regulations, including those intended to tackle corruption, are expected to be applied. All public agencies are expected to act in accordance with their legal mandates and to follow the rules of behaviour established in Viet Nam’s legal framework. Existing land use rights and rights to forest land are expected to be identified, recognised and protected. The principle of fair distribution of benefits arising from the use of forest resources is expected to be applied to the implementation of the NRAP and PRAPs. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are to be promoted. Cross-sectoral coordination between related ministries and agencies, including those in the land and forest sectors, is to be promoted throughout the implementation of the proposed REDD+ PaMs under the NRAP and PRAPs. Relevant dispute and conflict resolution mechanisms are expected to be available to stakeholders to address any disputes arising from NRAP and PRAP implementation.



There are two elements for this safeguard: