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REDD+ relevant stakeholders in Viet Nam have been identified in a number of ways: through the country’s sectoral legislation (such as laws on forest and biodiversity); through stakeholder analyses undertaken while developing Viet Nam’s Readiness Preparation Proposal for the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and for the National REDD+ Programme process (by the UN-REDD Programme).

Stakeholder analysis carried out through desk research, and workshops and interviews in 2014, based on the principles of participatory governance, examined the interests and influence of stakeholders involved in the National REDD+ Programme and Provincial REDD+ Action Plan processes, and made recommendations for stakeholder engagement for the implementation of these plans[1].


[1] UN-REDD Programme (2014) Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement for the Implementation of National REDD Action Plan in Viet Nam.